Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Research Animal Rights

The frantic and the high tech world we live in today have progressed through a series of life altering changes throughout the last couple of centuries. Nearly all of this progress can be traced back to the advancement of technology. The Technology has allowed humans to do everything from flying an airplane to creating clones. Ahead with the economical and educational benefits of technology, medical advances have soared. This has been raised by one of the most debated and biggest moral questions: “is it really necessary to take the lives of animals in the name of science and for the betterment of humanity?” While some social groups think animals should have the same rights as humans, the undeniable truth is that animal research is too important to all species in our world to be stopped.
Through the entire 20th century medicine as experienced phenomenal success and this can be attributed mainly to technology and the brilliant minds that applied it to medicine. Anyway, the advancement of medicine and human health has not come without cost. To find new and more efficient forms of treatments, scientist sacrificed many animals in their testing and research.
Many more changes are needed in our current methods of research. For the human beings this topic of death is still being debated, but animals are put to sleep every day when their owner or veterinarian decides the quality of the animal’s life will be too low for it to continue to survive.

Thursday, October 12, 2006


All Over time peoples feelings about themselves and others will change. They can feel strong and indestructible one minute than something could change the way they feel. A certain event could change ones self confidence. The People will become different when they are exposed to a certain situation. They should also take a 180 degree turnaround and become a totally new person. In The Red Badge of Courage by Stephen Cranes the main character who will change from a coward in the beginning to a stronger courageous character at the end of the novel. The boy’s name is Henry Fleming is a young naive boy. He is not much sure what to expect when he goes to war.
He will have a conversation with the other soldiers in his regiment. They might have think that some of the soldiers will run during a battle. Henry got a strange feeling that he may be the one to run when the time comes. He will decide to bring up the topic during a conversation with another soldier by saying “Think any of the boys will run?” But an another soldier responds “Oh there may be a few of them, but there’s them kind in every regiment, specially when they first goes under fire”. Then Henry is afraid now after hearing what the soldier had to say. So Henry is much confused about war. The regiment accepts Henry and they nuture him so he will be able to fight again. The situation has become critically as something has to happen that will change Henry’s future. He has skilled a lot up to this point. But in the battle field when they turn back and start firing and Henry lost his cool. He cannot go back to his regiment because they will not accept him back into the group.
When Henry first had gone to battle he is relieved when the rebels retreat. Henry showed many signs of pride and courage. People make the war seemed like its a good thing but really its not.