Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The space group wants help discovering new asteroids

Calling all amateur astronomers. NASA  in need of all amateur astronomers! The space agency wants your help discovering new asteroids and studying their characteristics.

Wednesday, NASA launched a new project called Target Asteroids. The goal is to get more details about asteroids called near-Earth objects or N-E-Os. Scientists want to know more about N-E-Os' positions, motion, rotation and light emissions. 

The project will support NASA's Regolith Explorer mission, scheduled for launch in 2016, that will study material from an asteroid.

Thursday, April 05, 2012

The discovery of the new species - Yutyrannus

It has been reported that the Palaeontologists of China has recently found remaining of largest feathered dinosaur. The new species thus found has been identified as Yutyrannus. The discovery of the new species has thrilled the Palaeontologists.

It has been informed that Yutyrannus existed on the Earth 125 years ago. It is estimated that an adult Yutyrannus might have weighed 1,400 kg. Besides, they used to rely over flesh for their existence. It has been informed that the dinosaurs were wiped off from the Earth by huge asteroids. Full Story