Friday, August 25, 2006

The 2005 ENR

The 2005 ENR:

Operated 5,063 km of rail using standard gauge of 1435 mm. This is the same gauge as used by neighboring Libya and Israel. In the South the railway system of Sudan operates on a narrow gauge. Rail service is a critical part of the transportation infrastructure of the country but of limited service for transit. Majority of engines are diesel-driven. Sixty-three km are electrified, namely commuter lines between Cairo-Hulwan and Cairo-Heliopolis. While ENR purchases engines and rail abroad, passenger wagons are built and refurbished in Egypt by the Societe General Egyptienne de Materiel des Chemins de Fer. While some services have been privatized that is some food service, sleeper trains, ENR is considering further steps in privatization to increase efficiency and improve service. In addition ENR has dormant real estate holding that it plans to utilize in a more profitable way.

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