Tuesday, November 13, 2007

The real approach of the Traffic psychology

From its very start, in research and in practice, the traffic psychology has followed an interdisciplinary approach and has shared general topics with additional fields, in exacting medicine (e.g. connected to driving aptitude), engineering (ergonomics of cars with the human factors in traffic planning), and economics (e.g. travel demand management). People as road users are seen as the core of an interactive traffic system as well comprising transportation means, routes, the traffic environment and the regulation. Therefore, mobility, together with its positive and detrimental impacts, originates in people’s desires, decisions and behavior – and these might be influenced. The most important accident causes are human errors and maladaptive behavior, accounting alone or in communication with roadway or vehicle-related causes for above 90% of all traffic accidents. Recognizing the possible impact of psychology in studying and solving transport problems, the traffic and the transportation psychology have emerged speedily since the 1980s.

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