Monday, July 06, 2009

Toyota Motor develops a wheelchair controlled by thoughts

Toyota Motor Corp collaboration, the BSI-Touota Collaboration Centre (BTCC), has achieved something in developing a wheelchair controlled by brain waves by means of a new signal processing technology for brain machine interface (BMI) application.

The technology used is one of the fastest technologies in the world, controlling a wheelchair using brain waves in as little as 125.

The most important advantages of the new equipment are that the wheelchair driver's orders for left and right turns and forward motion are processed every 125 milliseconds by analyzing brain waves using signal processing technology.

The brain-wave analysis information is displayed on a display in real time, giving neuro-feedback to the driver for efficient operation.

This allows the elderly, handicapped and paralyzed people suffering from severe neuromuscular disabilities to act together with the world through signals from their brains, with no voice commands.

Now they will be able to move around with the help of a robotic wheelchair which can be controlled by thoughts alone.
This technology is use to make many more inventions.

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