Monday, August 31, 2009

Tips to help your kids to stay at correct weight

One of the best ways to prevent overweight and obesity in your child is to improve the eating and activity levels of your entire family.

Parents are often their children’s most important role model. If you eat right and are physically active, there is a good chance your children will make these choices, too. Plus, getting active and eating healthy as a family will help you spend more quality time together.

Put 1 hour of physical activity into your child's day.
It doesn't have to be 60 minutes all at once – it can be different activities that add up to 1 hour. Fun activities that children do on their own are often the best. Playing tag or hide–and–seek can be great for burning calories.
Be sure your child is doing different types of activity, including:
  • Aerobic activities like running, skipping, or dancing
  • Muscle–strengthening activities like climbing trees or playground equipment
  • Bone–strengthening activities like jumping rope or playing basketball

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