Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Real hero: Farley Mowat

Born: 1921 Belleville, Ontario Canada

Why he’s an Environmental Star! While living in Saskatchewan, young Farley visited the Arctic and started his lifelong passion for the preservation of Canada’s wildlife. Farley is one of Canada’s most famous conservationists and storytellers.

Schooling: University of Toronto

Facts and Figures: Farley’s books have sold over 18 million copies worldwide in 24 languages. Owls in the Family is perhaps Farley’s most famous book. A story that many Canadians have read in school, it is a popular tale about a young boy, his pets and their adventures together and a great read!

Did you know?

Farley is the great-grand-nephew of Ontario premier Sir Oliver Mowat
At the age of 13, Mowat founded a nature newsletter called Nature Lore.

Most awesome thing about Farley Mowat:

He was inspired to write the 1963 book Never Cry Wolf after spending time living in the Arctic observing the lives of wolves. At the time people were concerned with the declining caribou populations and suspected that the wolves were eating the caribou. They decided that the best way to protect the caribou would be to kill some of the wolves. After months of observation Farley concluded that the opposite was true! The wolves actually strengthened the caribou tribe because the wolves mainly ate field mice and only ate old or sick caribou — killing off the weakest. Farley concluded that the hunters in the area were using the wolves as scapegoats for the decline of the caribous, when in fact they were the ones hunting and killing them.

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