Friday, July 02, 2010

New Launch Dates Announced for Space Shuttle Flights STS-133 and STS-134

Space shuttle Discovery's STS-133 mission is now targeted for launch Nov. 1 at about 4:33 p.m. EDT. Endeavour's STS-134 mission is targeted for liftoff on Feb. 26, 2011, at about 4:19 p.m. EST. The target dates were adjusted because critical payload hardware for the STS-133 mission will not be ready in time for the previously targeted date. With Discovery's move, Endeavour had to plan for its next available window, which was February.

During space shuttle Discovery's final spaceflight, the STS-133 crew members will take important spares to the International Space Station along with the Express Logistics Carrier 4. Discovery is being readied for flight inside Kennedy's orbiter processing facility while its solid rocket boosters are stacked inside the nearby Vehicle Assembly Building. STS-133 is slated to launch in September.

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